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The Defiant Power of the Human Spirit

Posted by paultpwong on January 26, 2017

The greatest and the highest human achievement can be found not in arts or science, but in the humanitarian, social and political domains, as epitomized by individuals like Gandhi, Mandela and Martin Luther King. Such individuals defy all forces — natural, physical, and political, and endure extreme hardships and sufferings in their long struggle for justice, freedom, the greater good, and human dignity, that transcend individual safety concerns.Their greatness was not due to the endowment of an extraordinary talent, but their willingness to make extraordinary sacrifices and suffer great pains for a worthy cause

.At the deepest level, their perseverance and passion were fuelled by what Viktor Frankl called the defiant power of the human spirit, characterized by a ferocious will to survive for a purpose, an indomitable spirit of defiance, a fierce outrage towards oppression, and an exceptional capability for enduring suffering. This defiant human spirit is at the heart of the human phenomenon of grit.

Source: The Deviant Power of the Human Spirit


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